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Sandra Mazzon, Independent Scentsy Consultant Canada - 416 989-4210

Scentsy has the best home fragrance, gifts, body & bath products. Diffusers, warmers, wax bars, essential oils, room sprays, scent circles, scent paks and products to take with you when you travel.

Velvet hand creams, whipped body soufflés and body wash and fragrance rollers. Scentsy Disney Collection, kid-friendly scents, Scentsy Buddies, plush stuffed animals with fragrance and Sidekicks. Delightful hand soaps, kitchen soaps, laundry liquid, dryer disks and washer whiffs.

I was introduced to Scentsy in 2013. I burned a spot on my bathroom counter from a candle. A friend introduced me to a safer alternative, Scentsy warmers. I was hooked. I was able to enjoy the smell of candles in my home again without having to worry about my house burning down.

I started buying more and more. I purchased the Scentsy Starter Pack in 2015 for $129 because I wanted the best price I could on my new addiction and share it with everyone. Warmers are a safe alternative to candles. My favourite fragrances are Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sugar and Bonfire Beach Scentsy. I also enjoy other Scentsy products like Lucky in Love Lotion, hand soap, laundry liquid and scent circles in my car. I love the new Scentsy Disney collection.

Scentsy is a great company who support their Consultants and also give a lot of money to scholarships and charities. More than $10 million has been donated to causes that support families including Habitat for Humanity and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Scentsy is available in 11 countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Just click the flag at the top right of the website to change the site to your own country and language. You can purchase online or contact me directly.

I'm looking for fun, energetic, positive people to join my Scentsy team. If you are interested in earning some extra money, why not start your own business? Join us today and begin your Scentsy journey. You will be part of a wonderful group of people who motivate and inspire each other every day.

The best part is you can start your own business for $129 plus tax (CAN). Startup costs about the same as a family going out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Why not invest that $129 in yourself, your family and your future.

We are all in this business to become successful together and share our creative ideas as business partners. Our group is motivating and inspiring. You too can be a part of a fantastic and inspiring team.

Click on the Join My Team tab to learn more or if you are ready to get started on your foundation for a better future, or to build up more financial security with residual income.

Q1. How do I order Scentsy products?
Purchase on this website, call or email me to order and the products will be shipped to you directly to you.

Q2. Is there a guarantee on the products?
Yes, Scentsy products come with a lifetime replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. If your product is damaged in shipping from Scentsy, has a manufacturing defect, or an electrical issue, return it to me with no limitation in time for repair or replacement.

Q3. What do I do if I don't like what I order?
If you are dissatisfied with your product, you may return it to me in resalable condition for exchange within 30 days of the delivery date.

Q4. How do I get a deal on Scentsy products?
• Scentsy has Bundle & Save and many great clearance items. Check out 'Specials' above.

• You could host a party at home, work or even online to get discounts. It is a great way to gather everyone together to have fun. Check out "Host" above for more information.

Q5. Why buy Scentsy from me?
I am honest and knowledgeable about Scentsy products, and I'm happy to help if you have any questions. I provide full customer support, and I am here to help you. Thank you for choosing me.

Contact me for more details:

Sandra Mazzon, Independent Scentsy Consultant Canada - Office in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada - 416-989-4210

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